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abbr. (context Internet slang text messaging English) gate.

G8 (disambiguation)

G8 is the Group of Eight, an international forum for eight industrialized nations, also known as the G7+1.

G8, G08, G.VIII, G.8, G-8, or Group of Eight may also refer to:

  • Group of Eight (music), a Spanish group close to the Generation of '27
  • Group of Eight (Australian universities), an association of Australian universities
  • G-8 (character), a fictional aviator
  • Abitur after twelve years, often abbreviated "G8", a secondary education system in Germany
  • G-08 (Michigan county highway)
  • G8 star, a subclass of G-class stars
  • County Route G8 (California), a route from Santa Clara County to San Jose, California, USA
  • EMD G8, a diesel locomotive and derivatives thereof
  • Fiat G.8, a 1934 Italian military utility aircraft
  • Gabardini G.8, a 1923 Italian fighter and military trainer aircraft
  • Gotha G.VIII, a 1918 German bomber aircraft
  • Pontiac G8, a full-size automobile from the Pontiac lineup of GM
  • Gewehr-8 or G-8, the designation of the Heckler & Koch HK21 by the German Army, German Navy and the Federal Police
  • IATA airline designator for Air Service Gabon
  • IATA airline designator for Enkor
  • IATA airline designator for Go Air
  • IATA airline designator for Gujarat Airways (India)
  • NATO code for the Assistant Chief-of-Staff, Finance
  • G08, Intracranial and intraspinal phlebitis and thrombophlebitis ICD-10 code
  • The Contadora group and the Contadora support group, taken as a whole