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a. (context politics English) (abbreviation of government-to-government English) interj. 1 (context Internet slang English) (abbreviation of got to go English) 2 (context Internet slang English) (abbreviation of get together English)

G2G (TV series)

G2G: Got to Go, is an animated television series co-produced by Moody Street Kids (Australia) and March Entertainment (Canada). The series focuses on the life of a preteen girl, Maddison Marples-Macintosh, who assumes the role of an online advice columnist on her school's website. The original series ran for 26 half-hour episodes, and premiered on the Nine Network in Australia in 2008. In 2010, the show began airing on CBC Television in Canada. The network also published an online game associated with the series, called G2G: Extra Credit.

The show typically begins with Maddison receiving an e-mail on her PDA about the troubles of anonymous students in her school and her trying to give that person advice, while ironically facing a problem nearly identical to the one described in the e-mail, which often ends up giving her the answer she needs to help the troubled sender.