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Fyre, formerly de Jong Explorer, is a cross-platform tool for producing artwork based on histograms of iterated chaotic functions. It implements the Peter de Jong map in a fixed function pipeline through either a GTK GUI frontend, or a command line facility for easier rendering of high-resolution, high quality images. The program was renamed from de Jong Explorer to Fyre simply because 'It wasn't taken yet' and so that in the future, it could support more functions than just the standard Peter de Jong map. Fyre features a sidebar on the left to which the user can input the required variables and on the right is displayed the result of the equation.

Usage examples of "fyre".

From the chair, the occupant, presumably Fyres, could reach back to either cabinet.

I mean, not like the daughter of someone as rich as Fyres ought to look at you.

Jhereg was connected to Fyres, and Fyres was connected to the Empire, then the Jhereg was connected to the Empire.

We need to know what other banks Fyres was involved with, and we need to know before they go under.

We have someone, or someones, in the Empire desperate to hide the fact that Fyres was murdered.

Stony was involved enough to be hearing everything that happened regarding Fyres, the banks, the investigations, and everything else.

I may have a lot of the details wrong, but I know that Shortisle paid Fyres a visit.

And, by the way, with what I know about Shortisle and Fyres, I might not be all that wrong.

Shortisle makes a counteroffer, saying Fyres will come out of this a free man, instead of spending the rest of his life in the Imperial prisons.

Someone Fyres trusted, or, at any rate, was willing to let onto the boat, along with a friend.

Minister askit at ye Elderis for delationes, and desyrit them to try if yer was aney hallowe fyres set on be aney of the parochiners upon a hallarse evine.

The fyres brenden upon the auter brighte, That it gan al the temple for to lighte, And sweete smel the ground anon upyaf, And Arcita anon his hand uphaf, And moore encens into the fyr he caste, With othere rytes mo, and atte laste The statue of Mars bigan his hauberk rynge, And with that soun he herde a murmurynge, Ful lowe and dym, and seyde thus, `Victorie!

Alle hasped in his he3 wede to halle thay hym wonnen, Ther fayre fyre vpon flet fersly brenned.

Certes, this dreem which ye han met tonyght Cometh of greet superfluytee Of youre rede colera, pardee, Which causeth folk to dreden in hir dremes Of arwes, and of fyre with rede lemes, Of grete beestes, that they wol hem byte, Of contekes, and of whelpes grete and lyte.

About the same time Hogge employed a skilled Flemish gunsmith named Peter Van Collet, who, according to Stowe, "devised or caused to be made certain mortar pieces, being at the mouth from eleven to nine inches wide, for the use whereof the said Peter caused to be made certain hollow shot of cast-iron to be stuffed with fyrework, whereof the bigger sort for the same has screws of iron to receive a match to carry fyre for to break in small pieces the said hollow shot, whereof the smallest piece hitting a man would kill or spoil him.