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vb. (context Scotland transitive English) (alternative form of file English)

Usage examples of "fyle".

Clapping his hands together with a crack that made everyone jump, Fyle turned to the far door of the practice ground.

I headed wearily for Fyle, who was standing with Temar and my brother.

But before Fyle got halfway round the dusty circle, we saw a handful of belligerent men in Den Thasnet colours accost him.

Stolley and Fyle as Temar made an efficient herringbone pattern of bandaging up my wrist.

I held Dagny until Fyle had taken both swords and then I sent the boy sprawling in the dust.

The best a recognised lad could hope to get away with was a taste for chewing leaf or thassin, and I knew from personal experience that Fyle and all the provosts reckoned to break any man of a thassin habit before he was sworn.

Naer would be sharing a companionable flagon with Fyle, discussing just who they might recognise out of the eager would-be sworn who fetch up after every Festival.

Drawing themselves all in fyle, the King in the middest had all their Peeces and Swords borne before him.

Captaine Smith was led after him by three great Salvages, holding him fast by each arme: and on each side six went in fyle with their arrowes nocked.

The fomy steedes on the golden brydel Gnawynge, and faste the armurers also With fyle and hamer prikynge to and fro.