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n. (context sumo English) a sumo match that is cancelled due to the absence of one of the rikishi

Usage examples of "fusen".

As soon as we had passed the custom-house, the gondoliers began to row with a will along the Giudecca Canal, by which we must pass to go to Fusina or to Mestre, which latter place was really our destination.

A few days after the departure of De la Haye, I left Parma in my carriage with which I parted in Fusina, and from there I proceeded to Venice.

I went straight towards the chief door of the palace, and looking at no one that might be tempted to look at me I got to the canal and entered the first gondola that I came across, shouting to the boatman on the poop, "I want to go to Fusina.

Wrecks of gondolas, and some few uninjured ones, were strewed on the beach at Fusina.