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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
Full-grown female whales are about one-third the size of an average male.
▪ A full-grown antelope was lying by the trail.
▪ And the name is quite accurate -- these cars are actually one-fourth the size of their full-grown kin.
▪ One was a tall, handsome, oversized athletic fellow, who at thirteen already looked like a full-grown man.
▪ We could see them clearly then, a male and a female, full-grown adults.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

full-grown \full-grown\ adj. 1. .

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1660s, from full (adj.) + grown (adj.).


a. Fully developed; adult


adj. (of animals) fully developed; "an adult animal"; "a grown woman" [syn: adult, big, fully grown, grown, grownup]

Usage examples of "full-grown".

It was a saltwater aquarium, and it held a jellyfish, just one, a large one, the size of two fists, full-grown, the very first of his drug-secreting genimals.

Cordier gives an instance in which he successfully removed a full-grown child, the result of an ectopic gestation which had ruptured intraligamentally and had been retained nearly two years.

This master-slave arrangement is the common view of full-grown biologists, eukaryotes all.

The usual manner employed to catch the full-grown gayal is to surround a field of corn with a strong fence.

It came upon him face to face, trotting as noiselessly as Lok, a heavy-maned, full-grown male.

The wheels were three meters in diameter, as tall as a full-grown Loonie, so they just rolled over all but the largest obstacles.

He saw that Neville was smirking at Dean and Seamus, who were looking very alarmed to see what appeared to be a full-grown lion before them.

The basto had located us and was advancing, uttering a sound that would have put to shame the best efforts of a full-grown lion.

Fanciers select their horses, dogs, and pigeons, for breeding, when they are nearly grown up: they are indifferent whether the desired qualities and structures have been acquired earlier or later in life, if the full-grown animal possesses them.

Sometimes the leaves are as large as a full-grown polyanthus leaf, whilst other plants, which have flowered equally well, have not produced foliage larger than that of primroses, when having their earliest flowers.

They were both by now full-grown young ladies, very beautiful in their separate ways, and princessly in every degree.

Ken had a job on his hands: two almost full-grown lions to be kept treed without hounds, without a gun, without help from a companion.

A friend, resident on the frontiers of Assam, tells me that the full-grown adult pines and dies in confinement.

Its mud walls were braced with crossing timbers as big as a full-grown man, and its ceiling was formed from whole basswood logs mounted on brackets.

I took a blow to the stomach from the spiked tail of a full-grown female glyptodont protecting its young.