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Fulen (Schwyz Alps)

The Fulen (2,491 m) is a mountain peak of the Schwyz Alps, located on the border between the Swiss cantons of Schwyz and Uri. It lies on the range between Muotathal and Unterschächen, east of Lake Lucerne.


Fulen may refer to mountains:

  • Fulen (2491 m), a peak of the Schwyz Alps, east of Urnersee and right next to the Rossstock, Switzerland
  • Fulen (2415 m), a peak of the Glarus Alps, east of Sernftal and right south of the Wyssgandstöckli on the border between canton of Glarus and St. Gallen, Switzerland
  • Fulen (2410 m), second highest peak of the Mürtschenstock, part of the Glarus Alps, Switzerland
  • Fulen (2057 m), a peak of the Uri Alps, west of Urnersee and north of the Uri Rotstock, Switzerland
  • Bös Fulen (2802 m), a mountain of the Schwyz Alps, highest mountain of canton of Schwyz, on the border between cantons of Schwyz and Glarus, Switzerland
  • Chli Fulen (2335 m) and Hoch Fulen (2506 m), mountains of the Glarus Alps, in canton of Uri, Switzerland