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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

in education, a reference to U.S. Sen. J. William Fulbright (1905-1995) of Arkansas, especially to the Fulbright Act of 1946, which authorized proceeds from sales of U.S. war surplus materials to be used to fund higher education overseas.

Usage examples of "fulbright".

Colonel Fulbright, ground transportation will be waiting for you at the board ramp.

Strike Command and with Fulbright before he walked in here, I have some oceanfront property in Arizona that I would like to offer for sale to him.

Evans, the Commander-in-Chief, on a scrambler phone to tell him he had just heard from Colonel Dick Fulbright that the first of the B-26Ks for the Congo would be ferried to Hurlburt Field, Florida, almost immediately.

PFC Jacques Portet saw Colonel Richard Fulbright, the Colonel was sitting on a desk in an office in the old World War II barracks building, talking on the-telephone.

When there was no reply, Fulbright looked between the two of them and smiled.

B-26Ks to the Congo, he knows most of the Cubans Dick Fulbright hired to fly them.

Morse listening to the testimony of General Taylor at the Fulbright Hearings, February 1966.

Whether true or not, Fulbright was correct in supposing that one purpose of the Resolution was to win over the right by a show of force.

Gavin, Fulbright himself and several colleagues spoke for the dissent.

Tonkin Gulf Resolution, lest Hanoi had been misled by the interpretation Senator Fulbright had given to his fellow Democrats.

Senator Fulbright had been encouraged by the administration to convey to his fellow senators.

Senator Fulbright and other senators concerning rumors of a big request for troops from Westmoreland.

White House announced that the president would make a major speech on Vietnam on November 3, Fulbright postponed his scheduled hearings to await its contents and the public response to it.

I had been invited, again, to testify before the Fulbright committee on May 13, and his first thought was that I should be away from Rand as soon as possible before that, so he asked that my departure become effective by April 15.

I went back home to Manon the last week in April to finish up a Rand paper and prepare my testimony for the Fulbright committee in May.