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Fulano may refer to:

  • Fulano, a placeholder name in Portuguese and Spanish
  • Fulano (band), a Chilean progressive rock/fusion jazz band formed in 1984
  • Fulano de Tal, a Latin rock band, formed in 1995 in Miami
Fulano (band)

Fulano was a Chilean group of progressive rock, jazz fusion and experimental music. Fulano is one of the most important groups in the development of jazz-rock, or as described by one of its founders, Christian Crisosto of "anti-hegemonic eclecticism", since with six productions of high quality and virtuosity have been confirmed as pillars of the jazz rock bands and experimental music in Latin America .

Formed in 1984, strongly influenced by musicians such as Frank Zappa, Weather Report, Magma, Hermeto Pascoal and the Rock in opposition movement. The band dissolved in 2004 after the death of Jaime Vivanco, keyboardist for the band. From this Cristián Crisosto and Arlette Jequier, with their daughter and other young musicians, focus on working on his side project called Mediabanda. However, in 2009 they regroup to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the creation of the band, with a concert and a DVD produced at the Teatro Oriente entitled The Farce Continues, which marked the official return of the group, which worked with a new line to release a new studio album.

In January 3, 2013, Arlette Jequier, the virtuous and charasteristic voice of Fulano announced his departure from the band. Francisca Rivera becomes the new vocalist. After several others changes in the line up, the band released in December 2015 his first studio album since 1997, called Animal en Extinción, and announced the dissolution of the project.