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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Fulahs \Fu"lahs`\, Foolahs \Foo"lahs`\, Fulani \Fu"la*ni\, n. pl.; sing. Fulah, Foolah. (Ethnol.) A peculiar African race of uncertain origin, but distinct from the negro tribes, inhabiting an extensive region of Western Soudan. Their color is brown or yellowish bronze. They are Mohammedans. Called also Fellatahs, Foulahs, and Fellani. Fulah and Fulani are also used adjectively; as, Fulah or Fulani empire, tribes, language.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Sudanese people, 1832, from the native name. Related: Fulani.\n

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Those tribes having for their customs the practice of compound major mutilations are the Fiji Islanders, Sandwich Islanders, Tahitians, Tongans, Samoans, Javanese, Sumatrans, natives of Malagasy, Hottentots, Damaras, Bechuanas, Kaffirs, the Congo people, the Coast Negroes, Inland Negroes, Dahomeans, Ashantees, Fulahs, Abyssinians, Arabs, and Dakotas.