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Ful or FUL may refer to:

  • the Fula people
  • Ful medames, the fava bean dish of Sudan and Egypt
  • the IATA airport code of Fullerton Municipal Airport in Fullerton, California USA

Usage examples of "ful".

Visible to no one within that notably empty room, baneful energy sizzled along the radical, arced from radical streamer to the outermost Cardinal Ring.

And as the Khoratum cloud reorganized, glowing a grateful yellow, an angry red pulse emanated from Rhomatum, thin tendrils, seeking answers.

City in these deceptively peaceful times did not bode well for the continued safety of Rhomatum streets or its treaty with Mauritum.

A shame, really, that his older brother avoided his rightful place in the council chamber: with that voice, no one would dare cross him.

She shook her head, hiding a smile with that small, graceful hand, and glanced toward the ceiling.

Diantha, and again her dislike and sorrow at the sight of that sweet, mirthful face was over her.

In reality, although she still looked so youthful, she was old enough to enjoy the pleasures of later life.

She really spoke for the first time in her life, and there was something dreadful about it all.

The trick seemed to be in the truth- ful acceptance of the possibility that such resources exist and can be reached.

La Gorda said, in a scorn- ful way, that Pablito wept when he remembered his mother, his Manuelita, especially when he had to cook his own food.

I have given them were those whose averages were turned in by the Official Scorer of the league at the end of the season, they having all, with one exception, played in twenty-five games, that exception being Fulmer, who participated in but sixteen.

Reading beds, mottled clays and sands, repose upon the Chalk at Woburn, Barnham, Fulmer and Denham, and these are in turn covered by the London Clay, which is exposed on the slopes about Stoke Common and Iver.

I hope that bastard Wayne Fulmer rots in hell for what he did to that family.

First that wacko Fulmer goes nuts and all but wipes out the Burkes, then all those women got themselves killed.

There was no damned reason to think that anyone other than Wayne Fulmer was involved.