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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1843, "pertaining to a fugue; in the style of a fugue," from fugue + -al (1).


a. 1 (context music psychiatry English) relating to a fugue 2 Relating to flight (fleeing)


adj. of or relating to or in the style of a musical fugue

Usage examples of "fugal".

On the edge of the plateau stands Barbe Barber, the Institute of Medical Meditation, an elaborate and ancient building in the grand fifty-first epoch manner, as fugal as Angkor Wat, as uncompromising as the Lunar Enterventual.

Then somebody noticed similar patterns of imitation and repetition in the fugal movement of the recorded transmission of the Second Brandenburg, and they assigned pitch and duration to the symbols.

While he was setting down the parts of a fugal theme provided by his teacher, Bonvissuto was interviewing would-be choral scholars and students in the next room.

 The  same thing was happening here: the corridor was starting to rotate, matching the spin of the Station, and centri fugal force was giving me weight again.

They built up their multivocal counterpoint, their massive orchestras, their fugal and sonata forms, seeking a perfection that, if they could have cleansed the rheum from their old-man's eyes, they would have known had to lie in the simple and direct rather than the periphrastic and complicated.