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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ After the stale fug in the tiny cabin, she gulped down the clean sea air, the car window wide open.
▪ I couldn't keep my eyes open, I felt as if I was suffocating in a warm fug of words.
▪ Really, Watson, you must clear the fug from your brain.
▪ Some time during the muzzy fug of these dissipations, a decision had been reached.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"thick, close, stuffy atmosphere," 1888. "orig dial. & School slang" [OED].


n. A heavy, musty, and unpleasant atmosphere, usually in a poorly-ventilated area.


n. (British informal) an airless smoky smelly atmosphere


Fug or FUG may refer to:

  • D-442 FÚG, a Hungarian armoured car
  • François Fug (born 1931), Luxembourgian former sports shooter
  • Fuyang Xiguan Airport, China
  • Gaúcho United Front (Portuguese: ), a defunct political party of Brazil
  • Fug, a minced oath in Norman Mailer's novel The Naked and the Dead
  • (FuG), Luftwaffe radio equipment (Funkgerät) of World War II

Usage examples of "fug".

Ken Weaver, the drummer with the Fugs, sent Miles a copy of their first album, The Village Fugs, from New York.

Tuli Kupferberg, the percussionist with the Fugs, already had an album out of his readings from bizarre advertisements, and the remaining Fug, Ed Sanders, was down for a future poetry album.

The smell of cooking grease, some foul egestion wafting aloft from the bilges, the fug of damp wool and unwashed bod- ies was fit to make him gag, but he forbore manfully.

Two Fugs were about to batter him in midair when Slick took a dip and legged it across the green plastic.

After months in the fug of the teepees Erwal took deep breaths of the cold, fresh air, and felt the blood stir within her.

There was the smell of dust, hide, fustiness – of old, outworn things whose familiar, agreeable fug had somehow been strengthened as if through decoction, a pervasive but invisible cloud that swirled like cannon smoke above the delicate ruins.

Tribute of a sort but I could have done without, fathering then raising each one of the thousands and thousands and tens of thousands, the inflation of the little bundle to big bundle, period of years, and then making sure the big bundles if male wore their cap-and-bells, and if not observed the principle of jus primae noctis, the embarrassment of sending away those I didn't want, the pain of sending away those I did want, out into the lifestream of the city, nevermore to warm my cold couch, and the management of the hussars, maintenance of public order, keeping the zip codes straight, keeping the fug out of the gutters, would have preferred remaining in my study comparing editions of Klinger, the first state, the second state, the third state, and so on, was there parting along the fold?

Overall air of power and opulence, and not a whisper of cell fug and slopping out in the mornings.

It smelled - no, it stank - no, it fugged of horses, leather, veterinary medicine, bad coal, brandy and cheap cigars.