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FTX has several uses including:

  • An XML transformation language
  • Fault-Tolerant UNIX, a Stratus Technologies operating system
  • Field Training eXercise, a military term
  • Genderqueer person who was born genetically female who is transitioning, not to male, but to something else
  • Field Training Exercise, Structured Railroad Operational testing of an employee's knowledge and skill required according to federal regulation 49 CFR 217.9 in the USA
  • Ftx gene, a long non-coding RNA gene
Ftx (gene)

In molecular biology, FTX transcript, XIST regulator (non-protein coding), also known as FTX (Five prime to Xist), is a long non-coding RNA. In humans, it is located on the X chromosome. It was identified during sequence analysis of the X inactivation centre, surrounding the XIST gene. FTX contains several microRNAs within its introns. It upregulates expression of XIST, and inhibits DNA methylation of the XIST promoter.