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FST may refer to:

  • Fenchurch Street railway station (from the National Rail code)
  • Fermanagh and South Tyrone (Assembly constituency)
  • Fermanagh and South Tyrone (UK Parliament constituency)
  • Field Sobriety Test
  • Fiji Standard Time
  • File Streaming Technology, Alesis' proprietary file format for the HD24 digital multitrack
  • Financial Secretary to the Treasury, a junior Ministerial position within HM Treasury
  • Finite state transducer, also known as a Mealy machine, a type of Finite state machine
  • Finlands Svenska Television (FST5), the Swedish language department of the Finnish Broadcasting Company
  • Fire Support Team, a sub-unit of the Royal Artillery
  • Fixation index (F), a measure of population differentiation
  • Follistatin, a protein, an antagonist of activin
  • Forward Surgical Teams, US Army mobile medical units
  • Franciscan School of Theology
  • French School of Thessaloniki
  • Fiber Splice Tray, a mechanical closure that fiber optic fusion and mechanical splices are placed in. FST are designed to provide a location to store and to protect the fiber cables and the splices.

Usage examples of "fst".

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