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FSS may refer to:


  • Federal Security Service (Russia), a Russian government security agency
  • Federal Signal Corporation (stock code: FSS)
  • Federal Supply Service, part of the Federal Acquisition Service of the U.S. General Services Administration
  • Financial Supervisory Service (South Korea), South Korea's financial regulator
  • Fisher Scientific
  • Flextronics Software Systems
  • Food Service Solutions, a software company
  • Football Association of Serbia
  • Forensic Science Service, a UK government owned company
  • FSS (brand) (Fabricamos su Sudadera), company in Colombia
  • Federal State School, a school located in Federal, Queensland, Australia
  • Financial Software and Systems Ltd, a Payment Systems Company based in Chennai, India


  • Algol class vehicle cargo ship, also known as fast sealift ships
  • Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society
  • File Sharing Service also known as File Sharing and Synchronization
  • Fire Support Specialist, an artillery observer
  • Five Star Stories
  • Fixed Service Satellite
  • Fixed service structure, an access tower used with the Space Shuttle at Kennedy Space Center, Florida, United States
  • Flats Sequencing System, mail sorting machines
  • Flight service station, an air traffic facility
  • Florida State Seminoles, sports teams of Florida State University
  • Flying-spot scanner, a machine for scanning films or slides
  • Foundation Stock Service Program, a dog breed registry
  • Fish School Search is a family member of Swarm Intelligence algorithms.
  • Freeman–Sheldon syndrome
  • Frequency selective surface based metamaterials
  • Freshman Seminar
  • Furv Skrifys Savonek, the Standard Written Form of the Cornish language
  • RAF Kinloss (IATA airport code)
  • Flinders Street Station in Melbourne, Australia
  • FSS Code Maritime International Code for Fire Safety Systems
FSS (brand)

Fabricamos su Sudadera Ltda is a sports apparel manufacturer founded in 1987 in Bogotá, Colombia.
FSS have manufactured, with the proper approval and permits, uniforms for some of the most famous international brands like: Adidas, Topper, Fila, Puma, Patrick, and Reebok.
Have a production plant involved in every step of the creation process: cut, stamping, confection.
FSS, make and distribute sporting goods. The creation of uniforms for different schools and corporate sports leagues is your main production source.
FSS produces about 15 000 articles per year.