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FSO may refer to:

  • Fabryka Samochodów Osobowych, a Polish automotive company
  • Facility Security Officer, an industrial security job
  • Familia spiritualis opus, FSO, a Roman Catholic "spiritual community", a new type of community with less strict rules than the traditional orders. Members add "FSO" behind their names, example "Father Peter Schmidt, FSO".
  • Federal Protective Service (Russia), responsible for the security of Russian state officials
  • FileSystemObject (FSO), an object model in Windows Script Host. See also Scripting.FileSystemObject
  • Fire Support Officer, an Army or Marine Corps officer responsible for the planning and execution of Fires, and primary advisor to a maneuver commander on the application and integration of fires into the operation.
  • Flash Shared Object a local shared cookie used in computing
  • Floating Storage and Offloading, system, is an offshore oil and gas vessel
  • Foreign Service Officer, government employee working for their country in a foreign country
  • Forest Section Officer, an officer in the State Forest Services of the government of India
  • Frank Skinner's Opinionated, British TV programme
  • FreeSpace Open, an open-souce project to modernize the FreeSpace 2 Engine.
  • Free-space optical communication, a technology that uses light to transmit data
  • "F.S.O.", the first single from the Regurgitator album Tu-Plang
  • Fulham Symphony Orchestra
  • Full Scale Output test and measurement sensor
  • Office of the Financial Secretary, Hong Kong