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The abbreviation FSL may refer to:

  • Florida State League
  • Folger Shakespeare Library
  • FMRIB Software Library
  • Freescale Semiconductor stock symbol
  • Free-space path loss or free-space loss (FSL) in telecommunications
  • Finnish Sign Language
  • French Sign Language
  • French as a second language
  • Friends' School, Lisburn, a grammar school in Lisburn, Northern Ireland
  • Fleet Support Limited
  • Fast Simplex Link, an interface by Xilinx used in the MicroBlaze soft processor
  • Fluid Science Laboratory
  • Forecast Systems Laboratory
  • Forward Stocking Location, a term used in warehousing
  • fsl, the from status line capability of a terminal in the Terminfo database
  • FSL, acronym of Fusil Semi-automatico Liviano (semi-automatic light rifle), an Argentine-made variant of the FN-FAL rifle