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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

popular U.S. dance derived from the Twist, 1964, of unknown origin.


n. A novelty dance of 1960s America fame.

Frug (surname)

Frug is a surname; The Polish-Jewish spelling: Fróg. Other transliterations include Frog, Phroog.

Hebrew-פְרוּג -Frug -Фруг-Russia Name Frug is the original spelling, transformed in Poland Frug wear u on the yellow-Polish alphabet ó Frug/Fróg= From Hebrew: שְׂרוּג, S'rugh ; "branch". Frug was the son of Reu and the father of Nahor, according to Genesis 11:20-23. He is also the great-grandfather of Abraham.

Notable people with the surname include:

  • Gerald Frug (born 1939), professor
  • Mary Joe Frug (1941–1991), professor and murder victim
  • Semyon Grigorevich Frug (1860–1916), writer

Frug may refer to:

  • Frug (surname)
  • Frugging, fundraising technique
  • The Frug, dance
  • Frug, a track from The Initial Friend E.P. by Rilo Kiley
  • A fictional character in S.W.O.R.D.

Usage examples of "frug".

Horst turned his attention again to Frug and the other warriors below.

La-ja had run away from him, and then it occurred to him that Frug and Skruf had stolen her.

No, stupid grilt, that frug is there to stay until I give the command to remove it!

It was the frug, reminding him that he would not be allowed to get away anywhere.

He had been wondering if Ferdie the Frug might construe all this as being irrelevant to the quest for Styron Sinclair.

Maybe the frug understood that this little man represented their only lead on this planet to Sinclair.

Without a single glance for Purdy she remained sitting with her eyes gazing hard at the frug as she spoke.

Ferdie the Frug with his diabolical poisons would apply immediate and stringent correctives to that attitude.

Jarrett felt his own head seem to contract as though the frug had tightened up like a steel band.

He felt the twinge of pain as Ferdie the Frug stirred into comprehension of what was going to happen.

All I want to do is find the prince and get this ghastly frug off my head!

And yet, the princess was the brother of Prince Manrico, an interesting fact for a galactic adventurer with a frug wrapped around his head and a temper gradually growing to eruption point.

Jarrett, recalling Morel and his lights and the way the frug had gleamed like a magnificent artificial fur pelt with the single enormous lambent eye glowing from the center.

Gorgeous in its barbaric magnificence, Ferdie the Frug capped Styron Sinclair.

Panim from a galactic directory Ferdie the Frug had nearly torn his head off.