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FRR may refer to:

  • Falls Road Railroad in New York, U.S.
  • Federaţia Română de Radioamatorism, an amateur radio organization in Romania
  • Forgiveness Rock Record, an album by Canadian indie rock band Broken Social Scene
  • Forza Rossa Racing, abbreviation; Romanian Formula One team
  • North Frisian language, ISO-639 code frr
  • Pays de la Loire, France, ISO-3166-2 code FR-R
  • Fast ReRoute, a component of MPLS local protection
  • Flight Readiness Review, one of the design reviews from NASA's engineering design life cycle
  • Romanian Rugby Federation (Romanian: Federaţia Română de Rugby), the governing body for rugby union in that country

Usage examples of "frr".

Just ninety-five thoustrides, as the halkling flew, to the small Frr town of Reeds Village.