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from dusk to dawn

adv. 1 (context duration English) From sunset to sunrise. 2 (context temporal location English) At night, nighttime.

Usage examples of "from dusk to dawn".

He spoke of the time when he was young and the red-chested trogons always crossed the river in the proper direction and one day he became quite ill and fell into a powerful trance and flew himself faster, higher than any bird up over the roof of the trees to a cave atop Mount Liangpran where he battled from dusk to dawn with the ferocious soul of an Iban village.

You must know how tired I am, standing guard from dusk to dawn every night without relief while you are bedded safe with a young wench.

Then one night the sky throbbed with bands of pink light from dusk to dawn, as happens sometimes rarely when Marilemma rises at twilight and remains overhead all during the hours of darkness.

I've served here since Christmas, almost every night from dusk to dawn without relief and I know the bastard for what he is.

He heard them howling and wailing at night from dusk to dawn, and the sentries on the walls reported shadows by dusk and glowing eyes in the dark, gazing up at them and then vanishing.

While the night-timers, replacing them from dusk to dawn, are minions of the moon, White Huntress’.

The Old Farmer's Almanac said summer nights averaged ten hours from dusk to dawn at that latitude.

At the height of their affair they'd made love from dusk to dawn on several occasions, toying and teasing, stopping to bathe so they'd have the bliss of working up a second sweat.

While the night-timers, replacing them from dusk to dawn, are minions of the moon, White Huntress' daughters, owing allegiance to the Shadowland, which lies across the world from the Life Pole.

And in exchange for this ostentatious bit of status-flaunting merchandise, you lost half your garden, and had to have an extra boy around to drive and to tend the creature from dusk to dawn, just to keep the beast from stinking up the neighborhood and drawing flies.

The sun is about down, and I've no doubt Satan has a crew of his minions hard at work here from dusk to dawn.

She made them build her a strong protection and shelter each night and keep a great fire burning before it from dusk to dawn.