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FRM may refer to:

  • Fathers' rights movement
  • Fixed rate mortgage
  • Frankfurt Rhein-Main Region
  • Financial Risk Manager certification program by GARP
  • Financial Relationship Management
  • Front Row Motorsports
  • In mathematics, Frm denotes the category of frames
  • FRM II (Forschungsreaktor München), a research reactor in Munich

Usage examples of "frm".

Van Berg must have had a long budget of news frm your good old friend.

They had both heard the frm step on the stairs and they drew slightly apart.

Jack’s death, Neela’s love, the defeat of fury, Asmaan’s elephant, Eleanor’s grief, Mila’s hurt, the contemptuous triumphalism of the plumber Schlink, summer’s end, the Bolgolam coup in Lilliput-Blefuscu, Solanka’s own jealousy of the FRM radical Babur, his quarrel with Neela, the shrieks in the night, the telling of his back-story, the high-speed development of the Galileo-Puppet Kings project and its gigantic success, the countercoup of “Commander Akasz,” Neela’s imminent departure: such an acceleration of the tempo­ral flow was almost comically overpowering.