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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ a frisky colt
▪ In the present relaxed moral climate, there was always a frisky society matron willing to accommodate a discreet young man.
▪ She was a young and frisky animal.
▪ The names they gave to the frisky young lions were Amanzi, Tunya and Kita.
▪ You can, of course, make up anything frisky that's going to get your juices flowing.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Frisky \Frisk"y\, a. Inclined to frisk; frolicsome; gay.

He is too frisky for an old man.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"gaily active," c.1500, from Middle English adjective frisk "lively" (see frisk (v.) + -y (2). Related: Friskiness.


a. 1 playful; energetic; lively; enthusiastic 2 (context informal English) Sexually stimulated; horny

  1. adj. playful like a lively kitten [syn: kittenish]

  2. [also: friskiest, friskier]


Frisky may refer to:

  • Frisky (automobile) a family of British microcars produced 1957-1964
  • Frisky Dingo, an animated cartoon series
  • Frisky Tom, a 1981 arcade game
  • Mister Frisky, a racehorse
  • ST Frisky, a tugboat, previously the Empire Rita
  • "Frisky" (song), by Tinie Tempah
  • Frisky (film), US title for the 1954 Italian film Bread, Love and Jealousy
  • The Frisky (website), a Women's Entertainment & Lifestyle website
Frisky (song)

"Frisky" is a song by British rapper Tinie Tempah, crediting the song's producer Labrinth as its featured artist. The track was released in the United Kingdom on 7 June 2010 as the second single from the musician's debut studio album, Disc-Overy (2010). On the chart week, ending 19 June 2010, "Frisky" debuted at number two on the UK Singles Chart behind " Shout" by Shout for England.

Usage examples of "frisky".

Hawk Returns 31 VII A Brave Little Bird 35 VIII Uncle Sammy Coon 40 IX A Bag of Corn 44 X Tails and Ears 49 XI Jimmy Rabbit is too Late 53 XII Frisky Visits the Gristmill 57 XIII Fun on the Milldam 62 XIV Mrs.

XII Frisky Visits the Gristmill Frisky Squirrel was very fond of wheat-kernels.

Somehow or other he heard that there was a place on Swift River called the gristmill, where there was almost all the wheat in the world--at least that is what Frisky heard.

It reminded Frisky of the time the gristmill began to grind, when he thought the world was coming to an end.

Frisky merrymakers danced deliriously by, the percentage of exposed skin increasing by the hour, designer people on designer drugs.

Elsewhere on its 4,000-kilometer circumference, Ophion was as frisky as the Colorado.

De times wuz hard, but de little Rabs wuz slick en fat, en des ez frisky ez kittens.

When Frisky heard him calling he just laughed and skipped up the trunk of the tree, with Jasper and his wife chasing him.

Gethryn, tossing his mask and field glass onto a chair, where they were appropriated by Clifford, who spent the next half hour in staring across at good old Colonel Toddlum and his frisky companion -- an attention which drove the poor old gentleman almost frantic with suspicion, for he was a married man, bless his soul!

In friskier moods, she performed lazy pirouettes, as though to the accompaniment of my own music box, which I always brought to the roof to keep me company.

Sensing something, he was friskier than usual, and they stroked and patted him to calm him down.

One point two five gees was sort of like carrying a big backpack, it would have been easy to hurt myself if I got frisky.

Some days it gets a little frisky, which is why a lot of smart Illinois residents also maintain residences in Guam.

But he hasn't reset charges here yet -- the kelp's not supposed to get this frisky this soon.

One of the judge’s friskiest colts was circling madly about the driveway, while astride of it, in triumph, sat Annette, her dress ripped at the belt, her hair flying.