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Frijj is a brand of milkshake sold mainly in the United Kingdom. Produced by Müller, it was first launched in 1993. Frijj is sold in four permanent flavours: strawberry, chocolate, banana and Chocolate Fudge Brownie.

There have also been numerous limited edition flavours. Since July 2003, some have featured characters from The Simpsons, in marketing campaigns. Other limited edition flavours include custard, caramel, raspberry doughnut, Jaffa Cake, banoffee pie, vanilla, white chocolate, chocolate mint, cookie dough and cookies and cream. A thicker version of Frijj was launched in 1998 called 'Frijj Extreme', available in two flavours – white chocolate and milk chocolate.

As of April 2009, Frijj had a 50% market share, the largest in the fresh flavoured milk market.

Since 27 December 2015, Frijj has been produced by Müller Milk & Ingredients following the sale by Dairy Crest of their milk business to Müller.