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Friedhelm is a name of Germanic origin. It may refer to:

  • Friedhelm Busse (1929–2008), German national socialist politician and activist
  • Friedhelm Döhl (born 1936), German composer and professor of music
  • Friedhelm Eronat (born 1953), Geneva-based millionaire business leader in oil trading, exploration and production
  • Friedhelm Funkel (born 1953), German football manager and former player
  • Friedhelm Haebermann (born 1946), former German football player and manager
  • Friedhelm Hardy (1943–2004), Professor of Indian Religions, teaching at King's College London
  • Friedhelm Hengsbach, professor emeritus for Christian social ethics
  • Friedhelm Konietzka (1938–2012), German football striker and manager
  • Friedhelm Sack (born 1956), Namibian sport shooter
  • Friedhelm Schütte (born 1957), former professional German footballer
  • Friedhelm Waldhausen (born 1938), German mathematician known for his work in algebraic topology
  • Friedhelm Wentzke (born 1935), German sprint canoeist who competed in the early to mid-1960s