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abbr. (abbreviation of for example English)

Usage examples of "frex".

The line from her ear to the hollow below her throat reminded Frex of an elegant silver ladle.

The wind rushed high over the bills with the sound of a tremulous wail, as if pushing through some fissure of rock, on a ridge beyond any Frex could see.

Evening fell harder, and it was less easy for Frex to tell who was laughing, who now was shouting for him to move aside so they could see.

They've been riled up by that dragon of the magic clock, you know, and are looking for Frex to kill him.

But Frex had folded up inside, barely bothering to guide the horses onto the correct track.

She was lying through her teeth, but unlike Frex she believed some lies were sanctioned by heaven.

Nanny wondered, stupidly, for Melena blanched and Frex reddened, and the baby held her breath as if trying to turn blue to please them all.

Often she had sat, listless and lonely, while Frex was off preaching, and she had found comfort in giving passersby a simple meal and a buoyant conversation.

When she would awake, because the sun was setting or Frex was there frowning or grinning at her, she remembered little.

Won't your grandfather be pleased to learn how Frex is taking care of you.

It didn't escape her attention, however, that both Melena and Frex had believed uncompromisingly that they would have a boy.

Then, after introductions, Nanny and Melena fussed to get a meal on the table, and Frex put out some oats for the sorry nag who had to pull the carriage.

With his bloodlines, Frex had looked primed for an elevation to proctor or even, eventually, bishop.

Her gas was apparent from more than a few feet away and Frex moved, as discreetly as possible, to be upwind.

Maybe because of Turtle Heart's religious emptiness, which Frex found challenging and appealing, almost tempting.