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Frew may refer to;

Frew (surname)

Frew is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Alan Frew, lead singer for the Canadian band, Glass Tiger
  • Alex Frew, a Scottish born rugby union player
  • Andrew Frew, Australian rugby league player
  • Anita Frew, Scottish businesswoman
  • Donald H. Frew, a Wiccan Elder and High Priest of Coven Trismegiston in Berkeley, California
  • Harding Frew, an Australian civil engineer primarily concerned with engineering projects in Queensland
  • Irv Frew, a Scottish-born Canadian ice hockey player
  • Kevin Frew, an American lacrosse player
  • Matthew Frew, 1st World War flying ace, senior RAF officer
  • Paul Frew, politician, member of the Northern Ireland Assembly
  • Scott Frew, a singer from Ayrshire in the West of Scotland
  • Steve Frew, a Scottish gymnast
  • Wendy Frew, New Zealand netball player
  • Gilmour Frew, Scottish born NHS service improvement leader
  • William Frew, an American petroleum geologist from Texas, via Michigan and Pennsylvania, USA with roots in Ulster