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fresh water

n. water with a very low content of dissolved salt, as opposed to brackish water or salt water.

fresh water

n. water that is not salty [ant: seawater]

Fresh Water

Fresh Water is the debut album by Australian rock and blues singer Alison McCallum, released in 1972. Rare for an Australian artist at the time, it came in a gatefold sleeve. It was re-issued in 1974 under the title Any Way You Want Me in a single sleeve with new artwork.

Usage examples of "fresh water".

All the time the skipper keeps the motor running so that the bow will continue to nudge the net, but the deck grinds and grates and perhaps a flow of fresh water throws the buoyancy out, or rain makes it even darker than before.

He had continued to survive due to the fact that the lab was set up to imitate a colony right to the smallest detail, meaning that he had fresh water and food supplies.

And since the gravity had been artificially augmented, there were even sizable bodies of fresh water, on and just below the Yirrkalan surface.

A thicket of intermixed pine and fir provided a thick, resinous windbreak and firewood in plenty, a small stream offered fresh water, and Bahzell accepted the Spearman's suggestion with gratitude.