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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Frere \Fr[`e]re\, n. [F. See Friar.] A friar.


Frère is a French surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Albert Frère (born 1926), Belgian businessman
  • Bernard-Georges-François Frère (1764-1826), French general
  • Édouard Frère (1797–1874), French bookseller, archivist, scholar and biographer
  • Maurice Frère (died 1970), governor of the National Bank of Belgium
  • Paul Frère (1917–2008), Belgian racing driver and journalist
  • Pierre Edouard Frère (1819–1886), French painter

Usage examples of "frere".

Heritier de son frere, Barincq conserverait sans aucun doute le chateau et ses terres pour les transmettre plus tard a sa fille comme bien de famille.

Je puis te dire que depuis votre rupture je ne suis pas reste sans parler de toi avec ton frere.

The cleanness and the fasting of us freres Maketh that Christ accepteth our prayeres.

The lord, the lady, and each man, save the frere, Saide, that Jankin spake in this mattere As well as Euclid, or as Ptolemy.

The paper, after a few obstinate curlings, caught fire, and Frere, blowing the young flame with his breath, the bark began to burn.

Painted in black on the cave walls of Les Trois Freres in the French Pyrenees, this shamanic figure, which portrays a man in animal skins, dates from about 14000 BC and stands high above the animals that are depicted on the lower walls.

The method by which Captain Frere has brought about this repose of desolation is characteristic of him.

If he hadn't died in the nick of time, that unhung murderous villain, Maurice Frere, would have come in for it.

Take her head, Frere, and we'll get her out of this before Vickers comes up.

Formlessly, before I began to shape them, the fragrances poured into me: the mournful decaying fumes of animal faeces in the gardens of the Frere Road museum, the pustular body odours of young men in loose pajamas holding hands in Sadar evenings, the knife‑sharpness of expectorated betel‑nut and the bitter‑sweet commingling of betel and opium: 'rocket paans' were sniffed out in the hawker‑crowded alleys between Elphin‑stone Street and Victoria Road.

Captain Frere was obliged to watch him constantly for fear he should murder them.

Frere measured the distance from his eye, and an irrepressible feeling of admiration, rising out of his own skill in athletics, took possession of him for an instant.

But Frere laughed, caught both the child's hands in one of his own, and kissed her again and again, despite her struggles.

He had settled his daughter's portion--ten thousand pounds--upon herself and children, and had informed Frere that he expected him to live upon an income of his own earning.

It was not, perhaps, so pleasant as under the awning on the poop-deck, but that sacred shade was only for such great men as the captain and his officers, Surgeon Pine, Lieutenant Maurice Frere, and, most important personages of all, Captain Vickers and his wife.