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Jeremiah Freel screamed at the driver, which was an interesting choice of words since the driver was a white boy.

Freel, or chest-to-face, actually, since Freel was short enough to sleep comfortably on an ironing board.

It was imperative that no one recognize the face of Jeremiah Freel, which stared out from so many wanted posters in so many post offices that it had actually been made into a poster, popular in the dorm rooms of cynical college students.

They drove very fast, but they had a hard time catching up with Jeremiah Freel in his limousine.

In the end, the only way to catch up with Jeremiah Freel was to pull on to the shoulder and floor it.

When this debris was pulled out of the way, Jeremiah Freel was exposed, slumped against the steering wheel with a big laceration across his forehead, blood streaming out and dripping off the horn button into his lap.

They shoved Freel across the seat on to the passenger side and then climbed in after him.

The passenger wriggled his hands into a pair of latex gloves and then set about tying Jeremiah Freel up with plastic handcuffs.

Jeremiah Freel was sitting in a luxurious padded leather chair in the middle of the table.

For the fourth morning in a row, the waitress named Louella brought Jeremiah Freel his dish of stewed prunes.

Every day, she was showing a little more cleavage, and every day, when she placed the breakfast tray on the table in front Jeremiah Freel, she bent down a little bit lower, gave him a longer and deeper look down into the front of her dress.

She was wearing a lot of perfume and Freel could smell it wafting up from the middle of her hot cleavage.

They saw nothing but Jeremiah Freel diving into the elevator, and two large, unfamiliar men strewing stun grenades up and down the length of the hallway.

The door slammed shut, the van burned rubber and shot forward out of the drive, revealing something that had been hiding on the other side of it: Cyrus Rutherford Ogle, flanked by two dozen TV cameramen and still photographers, all of whom were busily recording the quickly changing facial expressions of Jeremiah Freel, and his vanishing penis.

As it drove away, he was able to look back and watch Freel convulsing on the drive in front of the hotel, surrounded now by photographers and cameramen who were all aiming their lenses downward.