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Franch is a surname. Notable persons with that surname include:

  • Adrianna Franch (born 1990), American football (soccer) player
  • Josep Franch (born 1991), Spanish basketball player
  • Pau Franch (born 1988), Spanish football (soccer) player

Usage examples of "franch".

And the bosom has found a dance partner, which, I believe, means Franch will be looking for his wife.

Stepping sideways, Valentine allowed Lady Franch to reenter the ballroom first.

Lord Deverill gazed at her, plainly ignoring Lady Franch as the countess overtly flirted at him from the far side of the door.

 As soon as Lady Franch left his side, he returned his attention to Eleanor.

Carter Franch, a real white-shoe number, Groton and Yale, and Guerfoyle treats him like an icon.

Even Franch is astonished, because at trial the judge was acting like he was deaf when Franch had argued exactly the same point.

I explained to her that Franching was very well off and influential, and we could not afford to offend him.

The wine was good and there was plenty of champagne, concerning which Franching said he himself, never wished to taste better.

Pourtant, malgre mes explications aussi franches que claires, je sens bien que tu es parti fache contre moi, et, ce qui est plus triste encore, inquiet et malheureux.