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Usage examples of "framea".

Dropping the sword, he yanked a framea from the body of a dead soldier as he ran.

Steadying his nerves, he placed his framea on the ground beside him and held out his hands, thankful that they were steady.

As Atretes regarded him, he remembered that Wagast had received his shield and framea a month before Atretes.

When all were gone, he hunkered down, pressed his forehead against his framea, and wept.

Charging straight into the legion, the young barbarian used his bloody framea with such skill that the frontline Romans fell back from him in terror.

Letting, his momentum take him, keeping his hold on the framea, Atretes rolled and came to his feet, freeing the weapon and bringing the razor sharp spear point into the abdomen of an attacker.

He bent down and picked up the framea, steeling himself for what he had to do.

Thrusting the framea high, he called curses down upon them all in German.

The long-shafted iron-hea framea was used, according to Tacitus, both as a missile and as a stabbing weapon.

Tall, well-built, muscles developed to match his framea perfect male human specimen to study in an anatomy class.

His hesitation proved fatal, for the framea hit him in midstep and sent him crashing forward into the dust.

From the time he was old enough to hold a knife and then a framea, he had been trained to fight.

She turned it over and saw the carving of a man with horns, holding a scythe in one hand and a framea in the other.

Liath whispered in awe, but they dressed her ruthlessly, measured her frameas tall as the princess but more slenderand belted the overdress with a simple chain of gold links.

The younger warriors stripped off every scrap of clothing and danced over the swords and frameas while the men and women laughed and shouted encouragement.