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Frakk is a fictional Hungarian cartoon character and star of the cartoon television show, Frakk, a macskák réme (lit. Frakk, terror of the cats). Frakk is a dog living his life with a typical, sometimes ironically depicted family. Frakk shares a home with Uncle Charles (Károly bácsi) and Aunt Vilma (Vilma néni), two Hungarian pensioners along with their two cats, Lucretia and Serena, one of them black and the other white. Due to an old rivalry, the three constantly get into fights which are exacerbated by the strict attitude of Aunt Vilma, who favors the two cats as opposed to Uncle Charles, who takes the dog's side.

The show was created by Ágnes Bálint in 1971. The first season began in 1971, the second season was added in 1972, and a third came later in 1978. The show was very popular in Hungary and is considered one of the top animated shows that defined the decade of the 1970s for Hungarian children.