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Zendt called, whereupon Captain Frake ordered a Negro to lower a gangplank to the levee, and Levi climbed aboard, delivering the fifty-three dollars.

Captain Frake replied, so back Levi galloped to where the flatboat was pulling in to shore.

Elly explained that no doubt Captain Frake had intended sailing, as planned, but that something unforeseen had come up.

Captain Frake had sailed on Friday noon, it is probable that Levi and Elly Zendt would have gone to Oregon without ever knowing that a place like Rattlesnake Buttes in Colorado existed, but the boat did not sail, so on Friday afternoon Levi and Elly strolled along the streets of downtown St.

Captain Frake finally ordered his crew to fire up the boilers, bring in the gangplanks and cast off from the iron rings.

Captain Frake grew plainly worried, allowed his craft to slip backward some distance, then headed for the Illinois shore.

Zendts a worthwhile proposition, they would have been willing to keep their horses ashore, unload the Conestoga, and let Captain Frake have their passage money.

Captain Frake decided to lay over several days to see if he could pick up Mexican goods for the trip north, it gave Levi a chance to exercise his horses, and when he led the six grays down the gangplank they excited a storm of interest.

Somehow ripping the throat out of that trash man, on top of having tried to knife Frake McAn and having killed Nigel and the two hooters and that shepherd, had broken something in him.

Barbara, could you step back so Frake can have the other half of the bench?

Hannah remembered despising Brenda Frake because she had pretty clothes and patent-leather Mary Janes to match.

Manus and Donal Frakes the favor of getting Pascal Burke out of their lives.

To implicate the Frakes, who subsequently tried to murder their erstwhile comrade, Benny Carson?

McGarr waited until Tallon had left the room before he passed out assignments, sending Bresnahan and Ward to the house where the Frakes had been living to see if they could find some lead as to where the three might have fled.

Ward had found the back door open, which would not have been the case, he assumed, had the Frakes been present.