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Etymology 1 vb. (cx obsolete English) To ask, inquire. Etymology 2

n. (context obsolete botany English) the ash#Etymology_2, ash-tree.


Frain may refer to:

  • Frain (name), a surname
  • Frain, Vosges, a commune in France
  • Vranov nad Dyjí, a market town in the Czech Republic, also known by its German name, Frain
Frain (name)

Frain is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Andy Frain (born 1952), a British animator
  • David Frain (born 1962), an English footballer
  • James Frain (born 1968), an English actor
  • John Frain (born 1968), an English footballer, brother of Peter
  • Peter Frain, an English footballer, brother of John
  • Rose Frain, a British artist
  • Todd Frain (born 1962), an American football player

Usage examples of "frain".

But before they reached Frain the wooden sword broke with a horrible snap.

And Frain stood still and lowered his long sword, breathed one last curse and walked away.

He had indeed been to legendary lands, and he badly wanted to explain to Frain the ways of the All-Mother.

From time to time through the long wait Frain glanced doubtfully at Trevyn.

I wanted to go to Frain, but I knew he would take no comfort from my closeness.

Maeve and I were to help Frain, Alys had said, Maeve my mother who lived across the sea.

Perhaps the seasickness had run its course, but I think Frain had helped me.

But Frain found his staff as much hindrance as help, and I often had to carry it for him.

I hoped Frain would ask some human for news of Maeve, for I had heard nothing of a haunt in the forest talk.

But horses nod for any number of reasons, including flies, and Frain looked doubtful.

I snorted to warn Frain and sprang into a gallop, hoping to run past them before they could attack us.

We had been speaking the Old Language, of course, and Frain was not one of the special few who remember it.

Sighing, I turned to Frain and told him what Dair had said, not really expecting much help from him.

It was mid-morning before Frain seemed entirely his sober self again and we stopped for a bite of bread.

Dair and Frain and my motherly affection for the pair of them, land aches and blisters, and grumbling on rainy days, and a feeling that each of us could depend on the others.