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Etymology 1

  1. (context oil drilling English) Relating to or denoting hydraulic fracturing v

  2. (context oil drilling English) To use hydraulic fracturing (''fraccing'') Etymology 2

    n. (context oil industry English) frac job. Etymology 3

    n. 1 fracture. 2 fracturing. Etymology 4

    n. 1 fraction 2 fractioning


Frac may refer to:

  • In geology, a frac refers to fractures in a rock formation; see Fracture (geology) for natural fractures
  • Hydraulic fracturing (also called "fracking"), a method for artificially creating fractures in order to extracting oil, natural gas, and other liquids or gasses
  • FRAC Act, proposed United States legislation (2009) related to hydraulic fracturing
  • Frac trailer, a type of tank semi-trailer typically used during hydraulic fracturing
  • Fractional part, a mathematical function
  • Frente Revolucionario de los Aprendices y Caloiros, a Venezuelan guerrilla group in the late eighties
  • Fungicide Resistance Action Committee, a committee for fungicide management
  • Frac Press, an imprint of VDM Publishing devoted to the reproduction of Wikipedia content
  • Fluorescence recovery after photoconversion, microscopy technique similar to fluorescence recovery after photobleaching

Usage examples of "frac".

A guy in one of my classes joked that a thermonuclear frac job would penetrate so well they could suck out every drop of oil there was in a five-mile radius.

One map of trails in the Mammoth Lakes area showed a similar crev- ice, caused by an earthquake that had frac- tured the ground.