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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Fra \Fra\ (fr[.a]), adv. & prep. [OE.] Fro. [Old Eng. & Scot.]


Fra \Fra\ (fr[.a]), n. [It., for frate. See Friar.] Brother; -- a title of a monk or friar; as, Fra Angelo.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Scottish and Northern English survival of Old Norse fra "from" (see from, which is its cognate).


Etymology 1 n. brother; a title of a monk or friar Etymology 2

adv. (archaic form of fro English)


Fra is a title of a friar.

Fra or FRA may also refer to:

Usage examples of "fra".

Let the Church follow the precedent which finally gave us Fra Angelico, Botticelli, Andrea del Sarto, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo, Correggio, Titian, Paul Veronese, Tintoretto, and the rest.

Let him take it for granted in the fashion of the strictly aesthetic commentator who writes in sympathy with a Fra Angelico painting, or as that great modernist, Paul Sabatier, does as he approaches the problems of faith in the life of St.

It would seem as if skill and polish, with the amount of attention which they appropriate, with their elevation of manner over matter, and thence their lowered standard, are apt to rob from or blur in men these highest qualifications of genius, for it is true that judges miss even in the Lionardo, Michael Angelo, and Raphael of a later and much more accomplished generation, and, to a far greater extent, in the Rubens of another and still later day, the perfect simplicity, the unalloyed fervour, the purity of tenderness in Giotto, Orcagna, Fra Angelico, and in their Flemish brethren, the Van Eycks and Mabuse.

We come to a second gentle monk, not unlike Fra Angelico in his nature, but far less happy than Fra Angelico, in having been born in stormy times.

Il Frate, as a painter, is attributed great softness and harmony, and even majesty, though, like Fra Angelico, he was often deficient in strength.

In the days of Fra Angelico and the Van Eycks, art was the means by which painters brought before men sacred subjects, to whose design painters looked with more or less of conviction and feeling.

Fra Angelico, turns in proud and ineffable disgust from the first work of Rubens, which he encounters on his return across the Alps.

Fra Angelico, but resembling him only in light and cheerful colouring.

His fame rests principally on his frescoes at Orvieto, where, by a strange chance, he was appointed, after an interval of time, to continue and complete the work begun by Fra Angelico, the master most opposed to Signorelli in style.

My mother asked him to talk to her and he returned from the guest house with his Fra Angelico eyebrows lifted in tender exasperation.

Cadamosto and De Nolli, scientific draughtsmen like Fra Mauro and Andrea Bianco, looked from Venice and Genoa to the Court of Sagres and to the service of Prince Henry as their proper sphere, where they would find the encouragement and reward they sought for at home and often sought in vain.

CHAPTER XXIV--Locarno We were attracted to Locarno by the approaching fetes in honour of the fourth centenary of the apparition of the Virgin Mary to Fra Bartolomeo da Ivrea, who founded the sanctuary in consequence.

E passava e ripassava la mano sul liscio mento dove fra le macchie di cui avevanlo chiazzato la lussuria e la depravazione, si scorgeva la pallida e giallognola cute del camaleonte.

Non tardai ad accorgermi dello scopo cui mirava la santa matrona ed eccitato come ero per la mia frequenza fra tante donne non fu difficile il farmi peccare.

He that takes all his geir fra himself, and gives it to his bairns, it were weil ward to take a mell and knock out his hairns.