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init. 1 feet per minute 2 fellow management program


FPM may refer to:

  • Free Patriotic Movement, a Lebanese political party, led by General Michel Aoun.
  • Fellowship of Postgraduate Medicine
  • Fellow Programme in Management
  • Finite point method
  • Finite Pointset Method
  • Family Practice Management, medical practice management journal published by American Academy of Family Physicians
  • Flashes Per Minute for lighting accessories
  • Fast Page Mode DRAM, a type of computer memory
  • The Frente PatriĆ³tico Morazanista ( Morazanist Patriotic Front), a leftist guerrilla group in Honduras
  • Fantastic Plastic Machine (disambiguation)
  • Feet per minute
  • Fluorinated propylene monomer, a fluorocarbon elastomer also known by the initials FKM; better known under the proprietary brand name Viton
  • The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine
  • PHP-FPM, FastCGI Process Manager, an alternative PHP FastCGI implementation
  • Effing Package Management, a tool for use in automating package creation on Unix systems
  • Free Palestine Movement, whose mission is "to defend and advocate for the human rights of all Palestinians" .
  • Frequency per month