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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Foy \Foy\ (foi), n. [F. foi, old spelling foy, faith. See Faith.]

  1. Faith; allegiance; fealty. [Obs.]

  2. A feast given by one about to leave a place. [Obs.]

    He did at the Dog give me, and some other friends of his, his foy, he being to set sail to-day.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"entertainment given by one about to make a journey," Scottish and dialectal, late 15c., of uncertain origin, perhaps ultimately from French voie "way, journey" (see voyage (n.)).


n. 1 (context obsolete rare English) faith, allegiance. 2 (context obsolete English) A feast given by one about to leave a place.


Foy, as a person, may refer to:

  • Foy D. Kohler (1908–1990), American diplomat
  • brian d foy, American computer programmer and author
  • Bryan Foy (1896–1977), American film director and producer who was earlier one of the "Seven Little Foys"
  • Charles H. Foy (1809–1866), American Medal of Honor recipient
  • Chris Foy (actor) (born 1983), Australian actor
  • Chris Foy (referee) (born 1962), English football referee
  • Claire Foy (born 1984), English actress
  • Des Foy (born 1963), Irish rugby player
  • Eddie Foy (1856–1928), American vaudeville actor and comedian, or his children, who were billed as the "Seven Little Foys"
  • Eddie Foy, Jr. (1905–1983), American character actor who was earlier one of the "Seven Little Foys"
  • Fred Foy (1921–2010), American actor and voice performer
  • Joe Foy (1943–1989), American baseball player
  • Keith Foy (born 1981), Irish footballer
  • Kevin Foy (born 1956), American mayor
  • Kylie Foy (born 1971), New Zealand field hockey player
  • Laura Foy (born 1976), American television host
  • Mary Foy (1862–1962), American librarian
  • Mathilda Foy (1813–1869), Swedish philanthropist
  • Matt Foy (born 1983), a Canadian ice hockey player
  • Maximilien Sebastien Foy (1775–1825), a French military leader, statesman and writer
  • Peter Foy (1925–2005), English stage-flight-effects specialist
  • Robbie Foy (born 1985), Scottish footballer
  • Vincent Foy (born 1915), Canadian Roman Catholic cleric and theologian

Foy, as a place, may refer to:

  • Foy, Belgium
  • Foy, Herefordshire, England
  • Fowey, Cornwall, England (pronounced "Foy")
  • Slieve Foy, mountain near Carlingford, County Louth, Ireland
  • Foy Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada

Foy may also refer to:

  • Betty Foy, fictional character in William Wordsworth's The Idiot Boy
  • Prix Foy, French horse race
  • FOY, brand name of Gabexate mesilate, used for treatment of pancreatitis

Usage examples of "foy".

Even more astounding and impressive than the parchment-faced Ling Soo and sinister Foy, was the living form that had appeared only as a shadow!

A slight, scarcely audible movement now told that Foy alone was in the hallway.

Like a portrait in a frame, he recognized the evil face of Foy, the servant of Ling Soo.

The master arose from his throne and waddled across the room, with Foy at his heels.

Ling Soo, with Foy standing at his side, became engaged in conversation with a man in the corner.

When Foy has failed - as you have heard Green Eyes say - it is only because he has not found the opportunity to strike.

When he did indulge in reminiscent talk, he used the Chinese language, and the man to whom he expressed his views was Foy - the sinister servant whom Ling mildly dubbed The Slayer.

Green Eyes can strike, Foy, but he cannot slay with the skill that you have shown.

He was blinking mildly when the door opened and Foy entered, followed by the man who called himself Hugo Barnes.

For there, he knew, he might encounter Foy, the insidious slayer who had so mysteriously escaped after The Shadow had wounded him.

He felt relieved when he saw the crouching Foy retire to a corner of the room, where he stood in plain view, his slitted eyelids nearly closed.

Handing the brass image to Foy, the leader of the Wu-Fan, plodded toward his throne, with his servant advancing, crouched, beside him.

First: Ling Soo might have feared that the paper would be molested, and had therefore sent Foy to watch the apartment.

This, Foy had said, was to be a model stroke - one which Foo Chow would be proud to witness.

He saw the gloating face of Foy, with its cruel lips uttering words to the witness.