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Fotopoulos or Photopoulos (sometimes for female persons it becomes: Fotopoulou or Photopoulou) is a Greek surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Danielle Fotopoulos (born 1976), soccer player, US women's national soccer team
  • George Fotopoulos, former head coach of the LSU women's soccer team
  • Helen Fotopoulos, Montreal city councillor
  • James Fotopoulos (born 1976), American independent filmmaker
  • Mimis Fotopoulos (1913-1986), Greek actor
  • Natalie Fotopoulos, American dance teacher who participated in FOX reality show, So You Think You Can Dance
  • Takis Fotopoulos (born 1940), Greek political writer and editor
  • Vassilis Photopoulos (1934-2007), Greek painter and film director