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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Fót is a town in Pest county, Budapest metropolitan area, Hungary.

Usage examples of "fot".

Papuh, you gone be wery sorry if he come back before de fot porson go.

American writer on the Far East except fot that missionary, Pearl Buck?

Trust that man to get the fots, it has to be a Talent, no man has that much luck come honestly.

It was here Patrick resuscitated Fot, son of Derad, a Munsterman, who had been twenty-seven years dead.

I fot a inquisi,,v lghs cte syaieaa nw, n s so o y id uo down orally, yrdashrobawoFreshrobaideuseot s hihouuhofrire.

What she could see of his face was contused and distorted, but enough like the fots she'd examined to leave little question about who he was.

  Accordin 2 thi glimpse Id had ov thi locality when Id cripted erlier these shafts wer abandind & unyoosd but Id fot wif eny luk theyd b thi tipe ov shaft whot has stares goan roun thi inside ov thi shaft 4 merjencies, & mayb they wooden b garded by thi bods whot wer attakin thi slofs.