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fossil record

n. 1 The collective record of biological development that is reflected in the fossilized remains of organisms through geological history. 2 The record of preserved evidence for a single species or taxon.

Fossil Record

Fossil Record is a biannual peer-reviewed scientific journal covering palaeontology. It was established in 1998 as the Mitteilungen aus dem Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin, Geowissenschaftliche Reihe and originally published on behalf of the Museum für Naturkunde by Wiley-VCH; since 2014 it has been published by Copernicus Publications. The editors-in-chief are Martin Aberhan, Dieter Korn, and Florian Witzmann (Museum für Naturkunde).

Usage examples of "fossil record".

Something as short-lived as our own civilization would almost certainly not be known from the fossil record at all.

Eldredge and Gould certainly would agree that some very important gaps really are due to imperfections in the fossil record.

However, if ice really covered the whole Earth, it should have done more damage than the fossil record indicates.

Leakey emphasized that the fossil record of a few million years ago is replete with a great variety of manlike forms, an interesting number of which are found with holes or fractures in their skulls.

Most rediscovered animals were rather recent additions to the fossil record: ten or twenty thousand years old.

Even though it survived to be their contemporary, it antedates them in the fossil record.

The fossil record confirms that this did indeed happen during the melting of the ice sheets and that the mountains were not always high enough to save the refugees from disaster.

Indeed it constituted one of the central problems of his field - convincingly to sort the traces of DNA in the fossil record, distinguishing them from an array of possible pseudofossils.

We know from the fossil record that the origin of life happened soon after, perhaps around 4.

I have seen such skulls, but on my world they are known only from our fossil record.

So far, the fossil record showed that the cleverest animal in the Cretaceous was as smart as an ostrich.

Then you'll know there's an enormous gap in the fossil record of human evolution?

Then there is the speculative work of anthropologists like Helen Fisher, who claim to tell us about the origins of love or of infidelity or cooperation by reference to other societies, animal behavior, and the fossil record.

Both the fossil record and his experience with the breeding of new varieties of plants and domestic animals made that fact plain.

In practice, the exploration of the Athenian fossil record soon came under the control of three people: Ari, Morgan -- and Miniruta Coboloji.