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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Fortnightly \Fort"night`ly\, a. Occurring or appearing once in a fortnight; as, a fortnightly meeting of a club; a fortnightly magazine, or other publication. -- adv. Once in a fortnight; at intervals of a fortnight.


a. occurring once in a fortnight; once every two weeks adv. once in a fortnight; once every two weeks n. a publication issued fortnightly (once every two weeks); a biweekly ''(one sense)''

  1. adj. occurring every two weeks [syn: biweekly]

  2. adv. every two weeks; "he visited his cousins fortnightly" [syn: biweekly]

Usage examples of "fortnightly".

She served as hostess during the fortnightly levees he held, following me custom Jefferson Davis had begun.

It also was noted for its fortnightly horse and cattle market which used to be the scene of great activity in the olden days, and of festive gatherings during the spring and summer months when music and dancing went on all day and half the night, on the grass plots of the cabarets around the market place, and copious drinking and jollity in their respective rooms.

Here the Plantagenet knights-of-the-shire had sat at their fortnightly Hundreds, dealing out justice as they saw it in those days and as the growing laws directed them.

It had a nursery, a Thursday evening supper with a short bright missionary lecture afterward, a gymnasium, a fortnightly motion-picture show, a library of technical books for young workmen—.