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Fors can mean:

  • Fors, Deux-Sèvres, a French commune in the department of Deux-Sèvres
  • Fors (Swedish village), a village in the Avesta Municipality in Dalarna County, Sweden
  • Fors (Swedish parish), a parish in the Diocese of Härnösand, Sweden
  • FORS, Transport for London's Freight Operator Recognition Scheme
  • FORS, a measuring instrument installed on the Very Large Telescope
  • FORS (Swiss Centre of Expertise in the Social Sciences)
Fors (locality)

Fors is a locality situated in Avesta Municipality, Dalarna County, Sweden, with 827 inhabitants in 2010.

Usage examples of "fors".

To be one of the Star Men, honored by all the tribe, consecrated to the gathering and treasuring of knowledge, to the breaking of new trails and the exploration of lost lands—he, Fors of the Puma Clan, had never dreamed of any other life.

But he, Fors, had Plains' blood—tainted, unclean—and, since he could remember at all, he had never been allowed to put that fact from him.

And never had it appeared doubtful to Langdon that his only son Fors would follow him into the Star Hall.

It was from his unknown Plainswoman mother that Fors had that too-fair hair which branded him as one apart.

For the hundredth time Fors wondered if his father's theory concerning the tattered bit of map was true—if a safe city did lie somewhere to the north on the edge of a great lake, ready and waiting for the man lucky and reckless enough to search it out.

But, Langdon had always insisted even while he was repeating the stories to Fors, they could not judge how much of this information had been warped and distorted by time.

But Fors stepped out on it boldly, walking the path of the Old Ones even when it would have been easier to take to the bush.

The creature which now rubbed against Fors was the size of a mountain lion of pre-Blow-up days, but her thick fur was of a deep shade of cream, darkening on head, legs, and tail to a chocolate brown—after the coloring set by a Siamese ancestor first brought into the mountains by the wife of a research engineer.

Aroused by her message Fors lowered himself over the edge of the gully.

Lura showed no inclination to follow any trail the unknown hunter might have left and Fors did not suggest it to her.

But now Fors used hunting craft and the trail-covering tricks which normally one kept only for the environs of a ruined city—those haunted places where death still lay in wait to strike down the unwary.

But to Fors, who had never before seen any buildings but those of the Eyrie, it was utterly strange and even a bit frightening.

From somewhere came the sound of water and Fors beat a path through the rank shrubbery to where a trickle of stream fed a man-made basin.

So even when he had his small circle of sticks in place Fors hesitated, flint and steel in hand.

Langdon had made them for his own use and Fors could only guess at the meaning of such directions as "snake river to the west of barrens," "Northeast of the wide forest" and all the rest.