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n. (plural of form English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: form)

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Usage examples of "forms".

Yet there are a very few strange forms in our corpus that look like aorists by their ending, but still show a long stem-vowel, e.

When quoting Primitive Elvish forms, I will however use circumflexes to mark long vowels.

That is, words appear in many different forms depending on their precise function in any given grammatical context.

Languages like Quenya and Sindarin do possess true future tense forms of the verb.

But before discussing how dative forms are constructed, let us have a closer look on indirect objects.

Or maybe the distinction between inclusive and exclusive forms is not upheld in the dual pronouns?

Combining these two kinds of endings is what truly makes the total number of forms that a Quenya noun can assume explode.

Before discussing the function of this case, we will fill in some more details about the instrumental forms as such.

There is no direct evidence for how they would behave in other forms than the past tense and the passive participle.

Quenya that Tolkien toyed with, but the idea of a basic distinction between familiar and courteous forms may well be a more lasting conception.

LotR-style form of Quenya may opt for the forms with double plural marking.

Tolkien meant analogical forms to have replaced the historically justified ones.

Tolkien appears to be telling us that the distinct accusative forms were abandoned altogether.

From the limit-experience of the Other to the constituent forms of medical knowledge, and from the latter to the order of things and the conceptions of the Same, what is available to archaeological analysis is the whole of Classical knowledge, or rather the threshold that separates us from Classical thought and constitutes our modernity.

This particular one, on the other hand, opens onto a perspective of space in which recognizable forms recede from us in a light that belongs only to itself.