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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Forme \For"me\, a. [OE., fr. AS. forma. See Foremost.] First. [Obs.] ``Adam our forme father.''


n. 1 (context rare or archaic English) (alternative spelling of form English) 2 (context historical printing English) One side of a sheet, comprising four quarto pages or two folio pages.


Forme is a settlement in the Municipality of Škofja Loka in the Upper Carniola region of Slovenia.

Forme (disambiguation)

Forme is a settlement in the Republic of Slovenia

Forme may also refer to the following:

  • Forme (printing), a chase with type locked up ready for printing
Forme (printing)

In typesetting, a forme (or form) is imposed by a stoneman working on a flat imposition stone when he assembles the loose components of a page (or number of simultaneously printed pages) into a locked arrangement, inside a chase, ready for printing.

Usage examples of "forme".

Vpon this stood the forme of the vessell aforesaid one handfull and a halfe broader, which halfe handfull was distributed to the border, about the brimme of foulding leaues and flowers standing out from the hyacinth.

AEneas, the influence of Juno upon the mind of Dido, makes Cupid assume the forme of his child Julus or Ascanius, and raise in the bosom of the Queen the most ungovernable passion for AEneas.

The thing then passed to the printers, who set up the headlines and copy in type, added a name-block of the wrong size, locked the result up in a forme, pulled a proof and returned the result to Mr.

This is made to read: 'Qui, comme de raison, avait saintement forme le projet d'allier les interets du ciel aux oeuvres de ce monde.

So great a mistresse of her art she was,And perfectly practiz'd in womans craft,That though therein himselfe he thought to pas,And by his false allurements wylie draftHad thousand women of their loue beraft,Yet now he was surpriz'd: for that false spright,Which that same witch had in this forme engraft,Was so expert in euery subtile slight,That it could ouerreach the wisest earthly wight.

And after this, biforn the heighe bord He with a manly voys seith his message, After the forme used in his langage, Withouten vice of silable or of lettre.

Enformed whan the kyng was of that knyght, And hath conceyved in his wit aright The manere and the forme of al this thyng, Thus glad and blithe this noble doughty kyng Repeireth to his revel as biforn, The brydel is unto the tour yborn, And kept among hise jueles, leeve and deere.

Let none then blame me, if in disciplineOf vertue and of ciuill vses lore,I doe not forme them to the common lineOf present dayes, which are corrupted sore,But to the antique vse, which was of yore,When good was onely for it selfe desyred,And all men sought their owne, and none no more.

Likewise that same third Fort, that is the SmellOf that third troupe was cruelly assayd:Whose hideous shapes were like to feends of hell,Some like to hounds, some like to Apes, dismayd,Some like to Puttockes, all in plumes arayd:All shap't according their conditions,For by those vgly formes weren pourtrayd,Foolish delights and fond abusions,Which do that sence besiege with light illusions.

Who euer is the mother of one chylde,Which hauing thought long dead, she fyndes aliue,Let her by proofe of that, which she hath fyldeIn her owne breast, this mothers ioy descriue:For other none such passion can contriueIn perfect forme, as this good Lady felt,When she so faire a daughter saw suruiue,As Pastorella was, that nigh she sweltFor passing ioy, which did all into pitty melt.

Ritrovò le forze gemelle, sempre più vicine, che ora riusciva anche a di­stinguere in certa misura: vaghe forme, come macchie nell'acqua.

Un'aurora boreale sarebbe stata poca cosa a confronto di uno spettacolo simile nel quale a intervalli gli sembrava di vedere volteggiare forme abitatrici della stratosfera come stormi di mante gigantesche.

But I was all thumbs in the shop, slow to learn the layout of the frames in which the fonts of type were distributed, clumsy at locking up a forme, messy with ink, a great spoiler of paper, and really not much good at anything but cutting reglet or reading proof, which my father never trusted to anyone but himself in any case.