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Usage examples of "forlana".

The nymph took her place, I did the same, and we danced the forlana six times without stopping.

Bonneval happened to mention the dance called forlana, and Ismail expressing a great wish to know it, I told him that I could give him that pleasure if I had a Venetian woman to dance with and a fiddler who knew the time.

I took a violin, and played the forlana, but, even if the partner had been found, I could not play and dance at the same time.

I was astounded, for I had never seen anyone, even in Venice, dance the forlana so splendidly.

Two of these ladies danced the Forlana, and the Elector was much amused in making me dance it also.

I have already said that the Forlana is a Venetian dance, and one of the most energetic kind imaginable.

Should you wish to see the person with whom you danced the forlana, take a walk towards evening in the garden beyond the fountain, and contrive to become acquainted with the old servant of the gardener by asking her for some lemonade.