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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ A long backpacking trip requires a lot of forethought.
▪ All this is culled from letters from people who had the forethought to record the event.
▪ But a little forethought will help you avoid the drudgery of mixing, baking and cooking your New Year spread.
▪ No, fair do's, it takes a lot of forethought to come up with that one.
▪ Perhaps they are just more practised in forethought, especially if they have children.
▪ Second, his crew scheduling shows little forethought.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Forethought \Fore"thought`\, a. Thought of, or planned, beforehand; aforethought; prepense; hence, deliberate. ``Forethought malice.''


Forethought \Fore"thought`\, n. A thinking or planning beforehand; prescience; premeditation; forecast; provident care.

A sphere that will demand from him forethought, courage, and wisdom.
--I. Taylor.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

early 14c., "a thinking beforehand, the act of planning," verbal noun from forethink "think of something beforehand," from Old English foreþencan "to premeditate, consider;" see fore- + think. Meaning "prudence, provident care" is from 1719.


a. Thought of, or planned, beforehand. n. 1 Thinking beforehand or in advance, planning; prior or previous consideration; premeditation. 2 anticipation. 3 provident care; prudence.

  1. n. planning or plotting in advance of acting [syn: premeditation]

  2. judiciousness in avoiding harm or danger; "he exercised caution in opening the door"; "he handled the vase with care" [syn: caution, precaution, care]

Usage examples of "forethought".

He could not really conceal from his own mind that the pursuit of a finback was always a matter of some peril, and he was anxious, accordingly, to make every possible provision which forethought could devise against all emergencies.

As with most veteran lobstermen, he went through his end-of-day routine with all the forethought of a spider building its web.

As evidence of Medicean forethought he had come armed with all necessary holy dispensations, civil permits, writs, blessings and the like, enough spiritual and bureaucratic armament to have wed two Barbary apes on short notice had such a union appeared desirable.

Without forethought, Amanda followed her in and sat close by her side, giving her a hand to squeeze with each pain.

They went over on the hovercraft and, since Ethel Cross and Oliver were both immersed in papers, Beatrice opened the paperback she had had the forethought to bring with her, and pretended to read.

Nature in healing compound fractures to be much greater than is frequently supposed,--affording, indeed, more striking illustrations than can be obtained from the history of visceral disease, of the supreme wisdom, forethought, and adaptive dexterity of that divine Architect, as shown in repairing the shattered columns which support the living temple of the body.

There are practical difficulties in following out this suggestion, but possibly the forethought of your progenitors, or that concurrence of circumstances which we call accident, may have arranged this for you.

We do not claim for it much, if any, perception of its own forethought, for we know very well that it is among the most prominent features of intellectual activity that, after a number of repetitions, it ceases to be perceived, and that it does not, in ordinary cases, cease to be perceived till after a very great number of repetitions.

I admired his forethought, and gave him a present of six louis, which had more effect on him than the finest words.

She asked what I had been doing, and on my telling her that our exploits in the carriage had left very evident marks on my trousers, she gave me a kiss, and thanked me for my forethought.

The sweet clean air of the open sea that had travelled thousands upon thousands of miles since last having touched land, swept through the ship, cleansing it of the dreadful stench of the plague barracoons, and Mungo's strict hygienic discipline helped to keep the holds free of the slave stink and impressed even Robyn, though reluctantly, with his forethought and his precautions.

She had had the forethought to start a breadmaker in the morning, and now the yeasty smell filled the warm air of the barrel vaults.

He that dealeth in the produce of the beaver must have the animal’s perseverance and forethought!

Feeling quite proud of her forethought, Acorna donned not only the clinging body wrap and long skirt Gill now insisted she wear, but also a scarf of filmy green to match the skirt which could be draped casually across her head so that instead of a horn, she seemed only to have a bouffant hair style from which a few silver curls escaped.

From without the World, though all things may be forethought in music or foreshown in vision from afar, to those who enter verily into E?