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n. (plural of forepaw English)

Usage examples of "forepaws".

Without effort the front half of his body rose in the air and his forepaws came to rest on the rolled-up edge of the tarpaulin.

They arose, shaking their heads, whined a little, and then sat up on their haunches, their little forepaws dangling, their sharp ears pricked, and stared at Tommy with insatiable curiosity.

At sight of him, it was apparent that the mother recognized her visitor of the day before, for she dropped down to the ground and laid her head on the forepaws once more, watching him with unblinking eyes.

And yonder were little Jack and Jerry standing up as gravely as any grown men could have done, with their forepaws folded across their chests and their sharp eyes twinkling out at him through the shadows.

Jerry, in fact, managed to pick up a stone between his forepaws and waddled gravely along with it and dropped it in place, and Tommy laughed until his sides ached at the sight.

Towering over the scene was a tall shape fashioned in a position which no human could have held for any length of time, its sharp knees half bent, clawed forepaws resting on them, shoulders hunched a little.

With a roar he arose, using his great forepaws, the cruelly curved claws, well in a wide sweep which caught and smashed several attackers against the rocks.

Both of his forepaws pounded home on her chest, sending her back by the fury of that blow against a pillar.

Two Dobermans were standing with their forepaws on the windowsill, staring at her, their eyes radiant yellow with reflections of the soft amber light from the lamp on the end table.

He wore nothing but a giant lionskin cloak, with the forepaws draped over his shoulder, and the tail and hindpaws dangling behind him.

Newt grabbed the weapon in his forepaws, although the weight of the sword almost bore the faerie dragon to the earth.

For the rest, his sunk but open eyes seemed to be small and his teeth large and prominent, while his head was covered with coarse and matted hair and from his shoulder hung a cloak, the skin of some animal of which the forepaws were knotted about his neck.

It came to Pag, a great, gaunt creature, and, rearing itself up, set its forepaws upon his shoulders and licked his face, for it knew him again.

Otter, and when Marbleheart had pressed his forepaws to the bole, he started back in amazement.

Cheshire Cat was sitting on top of the refrigerator, curled up with its head on its forepaws, watching her.