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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ A sweep from the cheetah's foreleg trips it.
▪ Blazer's forelegs cut through the air almost with grace as if he were swimming.
▪ Mandarin lost several lengths and - much worse - he had broken down in the tendons of one of his forelegs.
▪ Mutton carcasses have spool joints at the foreleg, dark and coarse flesh.
▪ Small circles of bone identify foreleg and round.
▪ Some cooks find the forelegs of the rabbit too small for cooking and use them instead for making stocks.
▪ The designation of lamb versus yearling mutton is based on the condition of the break between the foreleg and the feet.
▪ The hind legs have to mark time while the forelegs cross over, making the outer ring of a wheel.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 15c., from fore- + leg (n.).


alt. Either of the two legs towards the front of a four-legged animal, a piece of furniture, etc. n. Either of the two legs towards the front of a four-legged animal, a piece of furniture, etc.


n. the front limb of a quadruped

Usage examples of "foreleg".

They saw a blockily built strawberry roan, his chiselled neck arched in a perfect crest, his rigid thigh muscles rippling under a shiny coat as he swung his hocks, his slim forelegs sweeping up and out, and every curve of his rounded body, from the tip of his absurd whisk-broom tail to the white snip on the end of his tossing nose, expressing that exuberance of spirits, that jaunty abandon of motion which is the very apex of hackney style.

It pulled its rear up in a great arch, vised its prolegs into the hard earth, took the weight of its forebody, and with a flail lifted it, straightening the tube of bodiness, the humanish torso high at the end of outstretched grub physiognomy that batted uncertainly at the air, then onto the spongy caterpillar forelegs.

Nash was acutely aware of its sharp, mantis-like forelegs digging into the nylon fabric of the overgarment on either side of his helmet.

Cut off and alone, a flashily dressed, beefy man swung a poleax with such force that it severed the foreleg of a passing horse.

She found Ben in one of the foaling stalls, doctoring a minor cut on the foreleg of a young stud colt.

Then they lifted up their heads, and, as a consequence, their forelegs, to which the heads were tied, and stood looking defiantly at their captors, just as though they were trying to make up their minds whether or not to shake hands with them.

It lay on its side on the slope of a tussock of grass, its hind legs drawn under it, its forelegs raised like the hands of a praying child.

Yet each one of these had a long wooden spear -- obviously meant to be jabbed, not thrown, though the sharpened points looked wicked enough -- and some carried heavy bone clubs, the forelegs of large grazing animals.

There was something about the mad cackling sound of their laughter, their scruffy spotted fur, the way their backs sloped down from well-developed forelegs and shoulders to smaller hind legs giving them a cowering look, that irritated her.

There was a faint suggestion of stripes on her forelegs above the dark brown lower part.

Whinney leaned against the woman, making soft nickers of distress, her forelegs spraddled, breathing hard and quivering.

And when the lion cub, with claws retracted, wrapped his forelegs around her when she cuddled up to him at night, she could almost imagine it was Durc.

He would sheathe his claws before he jumped up and put his paws on her shoulders to push her over -- rather than knocking her down -- so he could wrap his forelegs around her.

One was passed between the forelegs, the other between the hind legs, horizontally across the great beast.

Grod and Droog each grabbed one end of the pole on each side of the forelegs, while Crag went to the left and Goov to the right of the hind legs.